Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Investment in Smaller Arts Organizations

36 arts nonprofits in Dallas to receive two years of operating support to invest in new or existing programs.  The intent is to strengthen the organizations in several ways including fundraising, audience development, and board-member engagement.

Rural Foundations’ Ideas for Increasing Rural Philanthropy

An interesting take on philanthropic support by foundations in rural America from the September 14, 2015 edition of NPQ.

Embedding Artists in City Planning Departments

Click here for an interesting approach to utilizing artists to draw residents into discussions about community needs and assets in Minneapolis and other cities.

Affordable Housing vs. an Upscale Parking Lot

An interesting take on affordable housing in Portland, Maine.  Click here for the article in the August 4th Nonprofit Quarterly.

8 (More) Organizations Developing Social-Minded Leaders

A look at how some organizations are addressing the development of the next generation of nonprofit leaders.  A July 20, 2015 blog post by Stephen, Alexander, Exponent Philanthropy.

Community Health Centers Marry Fitness Centers for the Sake of Patients

An interesting take on addressing safe exercise in lower income neighborhoods.  Click here for story that ran in the June 17th Nonprofit Quarterly.

Improvement with a Capital “I”: Tax Credits and Rural Development

Click for an interesting read on how nonprofits in rural settings across the country are using New Market Tax Credits to raise capital and improve the economic circumstances of their communities.

Art Museum Targets Next Generation’s Art Historians with Video Game App

Click for the Nonprofit Quarterly article produced as part of their continued discussion on the evolving role of cultural institutions in society.  In this article NPQ turns its attention to the sixth-oldest museum in the country, which is taking its role as an educator to another level.  The Albright-Knox Art Gallery located in Buffalo, New York has released an app to help educate younger kids and teens about art history while keeping them engaged.

Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households

The Federal Reserve Board’s Division of Consumer and Community Affairs published a new report last month that provides a snapshot of the financial and economic well-being of U.S. households and the issues they face, based on responses to the Board’s Survey of Economics and Decisionmaking (SHED).

The report provides new insight into numerous topics of current relevance to household finances, including economic security and emergency savings, savings and spending behavior, housing and living arrangements, banking and credit access, education and student loan debt, and retirement planning.  View of Download the Report.

Rural Veterans Require Special Attention from U.S. Philanthropy

Click here for statistics from the Catholic Health Association report (in 2013) regarding the percentage of military recruits coming from rural communities as well as the percentage of veterans enrolled in the VA system that reside in rural areas.  Texas ranks number one in the country.