Since its founding in 1966, the Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation has awarded more than $60 million in grants to nonprofits. Although the Foundation initially made grants across the country, the Foundation began to focus on Texas and Arkansas in 2004, and on specific regions within those states in 2009. The Foundation’s grants today serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area and defined portions of West Texas and Eastern and Southern Arkansas.


During the past five years, 65% of grants, in dollar terms, have gone to projects serving North Texas residents. But the Foundation’s goal is to increase its giving in West Texas and Arkansas.


Grants to projects serving the indigent, children, and education, wherever located, have represented about 75% of our grants in recent years.


The Foundation’s grants are most typically for program support. Capital grants represent only about 10% dollars awarded annually, and most of those grants are directed to the rural areas we serve.


You can learn more by reading our grant guidelines and researching our grant history.