Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it can be intimidating to contact a grantmaking foundation like the King Foundation to ask questions. To ease the way for grant applicants, we have developed a list of common questions and answers about the grants process.


If you still have questions after reviewing this list, please call us to inquire further.

We would like to meet with someone at the Foundation to discuss an application. How do we arrange a meeting?

The Foundation holds pre-proposal meetings throughout the year, usually in the months just preceding an application deadline. To request a meeting, please call the Foundation and ask to speak with Michelle Monse or Laura Duty.

My organization would like a Foundation staff member to visit the program, or take them to lunch to discuss a proposal. May we do that?

Because the Foundation has a very small grants staff, we generally do not participate in site visits to agencies before LOIs or proposals are submitted. The Foundation also has a strict policy against accepting entertainment from prospective applicants. Not all agencies have the same resources to entertain guests, so we want to keep a level playing field.

My organization’s program doesn’t seem to fall within the descriptions in the Foundation’s grant guidelines. Does that mean we should not apply?

Probably not. If your program relates to an area that is not listed in the grant guidelines at all, the Foundation is unlikely to be a good funding match for your organization. If you are unsure whether your program would be of interest to the Foundation, please call the Foundation to discuss the program before submitting a funding request.

The Foundation’s deadline is approaching but we will not have all the required attachments ready to submit. Can we submit our proposal and supplement it later?

Generally not. Because we have such a small staff and a limited time period to review proposals, the Foundation must have each proposal in hand and complete on the day of the deadline. In addition, you will not be able to submit your proposal online unless all of the required fields have been completed.

What if my organization does not have an audit?

The Foundation recognizes that some nonprofit organizations, particularly smaller ones, do not have audited financial statements. In that case, we may ask you to submit a compilation, review, or unaudited financial statements. Please call us well before the application deadline to discuss what financial information you have available.

Will the King Foundation accept proposals submitted after the deadline?

No. For the same reasons that we cannot accept incomplete applications, all applications must be submitted online by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the deadline.

If the Foundation conducts a site visit, does that mean we will be funded?

No. A site visit does not indicate a funding decision either way. We can and do award grants to agencies we have been unable to visit, and we also decline grants to agencies that we have visited. We generally conduct site visits on 70% of the proposals under review each grant cycle, and have extended telephone interviews on the rest.

What happens if we receive a grant but cannot use the grant funds as originally proposed?

If the Foundation awards a grant to your organization, we will ask you to sign a grant contract that includes the stated purpose of the grant. Your organization may not spend the grant funds for any other purpose without our written consent in advance.

Will my agency be required to report on a grant?

Yes. The grant contract will also require your agency to report to the Foundation on the expenditure of grant funds within thirty days after the project is completed or the funds are completely spent, whichever is earlier. The grant report is to be submitted through our online portal.