North Texas Apply

The King Foundation awards grants in our North Texas service area (click here for a map) area twice yearly, in June and December. The entire process, from application to award, takes about six months. Click here for details about deadlines and the decisionmaking timeline.


The grant application process at the King Foundation includes two steps. Applicants first submit a letter of inquiry (LOI), and then a full grant proposal only upon invitation. The Foundation encourages potential applicants to contact staff prior to submitting a LOI to discuss the request and potential fit with current funding interests.


Other key information about applying:

How do I submit an application?

All LOIs, grant proposals, and grant reports must be submitted through the King Foundation’s online portal.

Does the Foundation use an application form?

The Foundation asks applicants to include certain information in each LOI, including:

  • Brief statement of your organization’s purpose and history.
  • Short description of your organization’s programs, including the number of people served, whether this number is duplicated or unduplicated, and the geographic area served by the request.
  • The Foundation’s focus area in which your request falls (ex: aging population).
  • Problem or issue the program or capital project is attempting to address.
  • Description of your objectives for the program and the information you will collect to monitor progress.
  • Amount requested and how the Foundation’s grant funds would be used.
  • Estimated cost of the program or project, amount to be provided by your organization or other funders, and the amount raised to date.
  • Timeline for the program or project, including when your agency will need the grant funds (keeping in mind that six months generally elapse between submitting the letter of inquiry and receiving notice of a grant award).

If the agency is invited to submit a full proposal, that proposal will build on the LOI’s content. For proposals, the King Foundation uses the Common Grant Application form adopted by many Dallas-Fort Worth area grantmaking foundations. We use the CGA form, adapted for our online system, in all of our geographic focus areas.

What happens after I submit a letter of inquiry or proposal?

The Foundation has a specific review process for letters of inquiry and proposals. Click here to learn more.

How can I strengthen my request and prepare for a site visit?

The Foundation conducts site visits, or extended interviews by phone, on all proposals under review. For ideas on strengthening your proposal, and preparing for site visits, click here .