West Texas Report

The King Foundation asks that grant recipients report on the grant within thirty days after the grant funds are fully expended, or the end of the program year, whichever occurs first. Because agencies have varying fiscal years and program years, the Foundation typically expects reports to be submitted within 18 months from the award date.


Grant reports should include the following:


  • How the grant funds were expended.
  • Whether the program or project met the goals and objectives outlined in the grant proposal, and if not, why not.
  • Whether the agency would do anything different in the future, based on those results.


Grants must be spent for the program, and in the manner, outlined in the grantee’s proposal. Be sure to contact the Foundation in advance if there is a change in how the grant will be carried out, or a significant change within the organization, such as the loss of key staff.


Grant reports are helpful in not only learning how the funds were used, but also in learning how the agency might approach its work in the future. Foundation staff often refer to grant reports when an agency submits a new funding request for a similar program.


If the person responsible for the grant report is not the same person who submitted the original proposal, please contact the Foundation so we can update the organization’s record within the grants management system.


To submit your report, please visit the online portal.